How does an organisation preserve its jewel?

What is the most important asset to an organization? Most will say it’s its leadership and management that gives the organization the leadership and wisdom to chart the course and set the strategies ahead. Some will say it’s its body of people whose quality and attitude determine whether the organization can successfully execute its strategies and go on to achieve its goals. Nobody would seriously contest these statements, but there is yet another third important asset which an organization cannot do without – the intrinsic knowledge and expertise of the organization.

This knowledge and expertise is your clients’ raison d’être for constantly coming back to you; you hold the answers to their problems and even possibly their existence. You are offering them a key service without which their business or business model might even collapse. Seeing this as the situation, would you then not treasure this in-house knowledge and expertise like a jewel that you must constantly keep close to your heart and nurture?

Yes, nurture it, because unlike other ornamental jewels which are objects, this is a living jewel. Our world is constantly evolving and humans are constantly challenging the status quo. Every new day, new knowledge and new ways of doing things dawn upon us. In whichever field we are, we must constantly update our knowledge and expertise to be right at the cutting edge of progress.

How do we achieve this? The answer lies in building an active and responsive Training Management System (TMS) in the organization. An effective TMS takes care of the following:

  • that the pool of in-house knowledge and expertise is properly documented and inventoried;
  • that the pool of in-house knowledge and expertise is always up-to-date and taking in the latest developments;
  • that every employee is given the requisite knowledge and expertise before they take on an appointment; and
  • that every employee is given periodic refresher even though they are still doing the same old job.

INSPIRO Fire & Crisis Pte Ltd is a fire, emergency and crisis consultancy firm incorporated in Singapore.


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