Fires destroying community…

Residents get first look at town devastated by Australia bushfire
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With the global climate change, vegetation and forest fires are becoming more regular in Australasia, Europe and America. In extreme cases, entire communities can be wiped out by such fires as in this recent case in Australia.

What can we do to prevent such tragedies from happening again? From this incident and many others, it is clear that bush fires represent one of the major threats to communities. Ideally, if communities can be uprooted and moved to a safer place, then such tragedies can be avoided. Clearly, this is not politically, culturally or financially acceptable in many cases, so there must be in place a series of preventive and mitigation measures to protect the community.

One possible preventive measure is to create a wide enough ring around the perimeter of the community that is free from combustibles to cut off any fire that threatens to spread into the community. A possible mitigation measure to consider is the use of non-combustible material for the construction of homes and buildings in the community. The choice of these and other measures to be adopted must be carefully and systematically thought through as they come under a bigger risk management system that must also be regularly drilled and maintained.

INSPIRO Fire & Crisis Pte Ltd is a fire, emergency and crisis consultancy firm incorporated in Singapore.


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